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Monday, June 9, 2008


Now that I have my "mission statement" I want to let everyone know that I have started my trek down Mission Street and hit 2 locations. I will have my ramblings posted by the end of the week.


Unknown said...

I told a friend about your mission. The following was his advice:

Dr.’s – This bar opened in the late 50’s and hasn’t seen a new patron since

Pissed of Pete’s – He really shouldn’t be there after 8.

3300 Club- This is a fun bar after work, definitely find some characters

Pass Time – I think they shot a scene from Barfly there

La Oficina – I lived above this bar for about 3 months. Good Luck.

CoCo’s – Never been in, never will.

Annex – is south of him, so he probably won’t hit it. It sounds familiar because that’s where Marjorie worked.

Beauty Bar- down Valencia way – He’s going to get laid here if it’s still open.

KOT said...
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KOT said...

I am ready to catch your pearls of wisdom as they roll out of out of the Mission's seediest taps... and into my iGoogle reader